Friday, 13 March 2009

Road Trip

Now that we have completed the mosaic (except for painting the side walls that is) we are taking a well earned break and going travelling.

Today we leave for Gouritz to visit Leonie's family for the weekend then we shall continue up the Garden Route and spend two or three weeks exploring and finding things of interest.

We are not taking the laptops with us so the Blog updates may be a little infrequent, what's new there then?! But we will try and keep you up to date as best as we can.

See you in the next update, whenever that may be!

Jon and Elaine xxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


One or two people have mentioned that there has been a lot of talk about eating and drinking but not so much about the African wildlife.

Many apologies for this, we are about to set off on a road trip where hopefully we will be able to see some of the 'Big 5' but until then we thought it maight be a nice idea to show you some of the critters that we have already encountered. Being Africa most are extremely dangerous!

African Killer Domestic Cat

African Killer Lizard

African Killer Chameleon

African Killer Penguins

African Killer Emus

African Killer Goat

African Killer Piggie

African Domesticated Non-Killer Crocodile

Wow, you've really got to have eyes in the back of your head in Africa!

Cocktail Party

Last Saturday saw us celebrate Elaine's birthday (again!) and the near completion of the mosaic.

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures to show you but trust me, it was one monster of an evening!

Elaine's brother André and his friend Lombardo were our professional cocktail makers for the evening and we set up a fantastic temporary bar in the gazebo complete with fridge, blender, shakers and huge range of spirits and mixers.

Food was provided thanks to Linda's hard work while we were knee deep in cement, tiles and grout, and a platter that we ordered in.

André and Lombardo did us proud, cocktails of every imaginable type flowed as did the regular tequila shots and eventually most people ended up jumping into the pond, mobile phones and all!

I have absolutely no idea what time we got to bed but it took both of us until Tuesday to feel on form again! Believe it or not we have not really been drinking so much lately!

Mosaic Madness

It's just about finished! The last two weeks have been really hard work, plenty to do and a top temperature of 42 degrees!

We managed to finish tiling at lunchtime on Friday 6th March and then had the grouting to look forward to!

We just about finished grouting before it got dark but as you can see it is a very messy job. Ninja had to hose us down outside before we could do anything else! The only thing that shifted the mess was a scouring pad and some 'Handy Andy' (Jif basically!).

Elaine was especially pleased to get this far on the project as the following day was her belated birthday cocktail party (more on that later) and now the guests would be able to see the (near) finished product.

The grout has needed a couple of applications in some places and the cleaning and polishing has taken the rest of the week so far before we can finally apply the sealant and get round to painting the sides. The overall effect is simply stunning, Elaine deserves congratulations for not only having the ability and talent to produce something like this but for the sheer amount of hours work she has put in. Well worth it in the end if you ask me.